Dust Shoes (Standard & Mini)

There are two versions of the shoes. The MINI spilt shoe is used on lighter duty machines that typically utilize shop vacs for collection. When ordering the mini shoe you will select either a 2" or 3" length brush ring. The 2" ring is most popular for the mini shoe since the smaller machines typically are running shorter bits and have short collets compared to full size machines. The STANDARD split shoe is our original shoe used on full size machines that typically use dust collectors. The shoe comes with a 3" length brush ring. While the 3" brush ring works well for most applications, an optional 2" brush ring or spacer rings can be added to cover a wide range of bit lengths. 


The standard shoe is provided with a 3" brush ring and a 4" threaded hose connector. This page is used to order the standard shoe and NOT THE MINI shoe. Use the back button and select the MINI shoe if that is what you need. If your router/spindle is not in the list below, send an e-mail to KentCNC@gmail.com


MINI Split-Shoe

The Mini Split-Shoe is provided with a 2-1/2" quick connector compatible with most shop vacs. The Mini Split-Shoe is much smaller (8”x4.75”) compared to our standard shoe (10.5” x 6”). This new shoe is engineered for smaller machines and is provided with a 2-1/2” quick connector that is compatible with most shop vacs. When ordering, select either the 2" or 3" brush ring. See below to determine which brush ring you need.