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You have found the site to purchase one of the most innovative, easy to use CNC dust shoes available. The "Split-Shoe" is a two piece shoe. An upper acrylic plate clamps around the bottom portion of the router/spindle. A brush ring is attached to the upper acrylic plate by rare earth magnets. This removable brush ring configuration provides quick and easy access for bit changes and the clear acrylic allows the bit to be viewed during cutting. The standard split-shoe has 3" long brush that is long enough to clear clamps and a 1" inner brush that helps keep the brush from getting sucked into the inlet thereby providing excellent collection efficiency. An optional 2" brush ring is also available. The Mini Split-Shoe is a smaller version of the standard shoe. The Mini Split-Shoe can be ordered with either a 2" or a 3" brush and uses a 2-1/2" quick connector that fits most shop vacs. Add one of these shoes to your machine and you will have a cleaner shop and a healthier environment. 

A video showing the first prodction shoe can be seen here: Standard Shoe In Action 

A review of the MINI shoe can be seen here: MINI Review

A very interesting review by CNCnutz can be seen here: CNCnutz Review

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Featured products

MINI Split-Shoe

The Mini Split-Shoe is provided with a 2-1/2" quick connector compatible with most shop vacs. The Mini Split-Shoe is much smaller (8”x4.75”) compared to our standard shoe (10.5” x 6”). This new shoe is engineered for smaller machines and is provided with a 2-1/2” quick connector that is compatible with most shop vacs. When ordering, select either the 2" or 3" brush ring. See below to determine which brush ring you need.


The standard shoe is provided with a 3" brush ring and a 4" threaded hose connector. This page is used to order the standard shoe and NOT THE MINI shoe. Use the back button and select the MINI shoe if that is what you need. If your router/spindle is not in the list below, send an e-mail to


Additional Brush Rings

You can order spare brush rings or a brush ring that is a different length than what comes with the shoe your ordered.
From $79.50

1/2" Spacer Ring

For long bit exposures, 1/2" spacer rings can be added. The spacer is added between the acrylic plate clamped around the router and the brush ring.The price shown is for one spacer ring.
From $39.75

2" & 3" Brush

This is replacement brush for one dust shoe. It measures approximately 26" in length. If multiple quantities are ordered, the brush will be sent as one continuous length. Select either 2" or 3" filament length.

Hitachi/Metabo Exhaust Deflector

The cooling exhaust on most routers blows down and outward. The exhaust on the Hitachi blows straight down and reduces the collection efficiency. Add this to your Hitachi dust shoe to improve the collection efficiency.