MINI Split-Shoe

The Mini Split-Shoe is provided with a 2-1/2" quick connector compatible with most shop vacs. The Mini Split-Shoe is much smaller (8”x4.75”) compared to our standard shoe (10.5” x 6”). This new shoe is engineered for smaller machines and is provided with a 2-1/2” quick connector that is compatible with most shop vacs. When ordering, select either the 2" or 3" brush ring. See below to determine which brush ring you need.
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DETERMINING BRUSH RING SIZE: Some of the smaller machines (such as the X-Carve) may be better fitted with a 2” brush ring rather than a 3”. The ideal is to have the tips of the brush touch the work piece just before the bit touches. If there is a gap, material will be lost. Conversely, you don’t want to overly compress the brush if you don’t have to.  We sell the mini shoes with either a 3” or a 2” brush ring. The brush is embedded in ½” thick acrylic, so for the 3”brush ring the tips of the brush will be 3-1/2” below the bottom of mounting plate that is clamped around the router (2-1/2” for the 2” brush ring).By taking measurements with your longest and shortest bits, you can determine which brush ring is best suited for your machine. Note that ½” thick spacer rings are also available that are sandwiched between the top mounting plate and the brush ring to adjust the brush downward in 1/2" increments.

MOUNTING CLEARANCE: The top plate clamps around the body of the router/spindle. There must be approximately 0.6" of clearance between the spindle and the z-assembly.  

INSTALLATION NOTE: Care must be taken when installing the shoe so as to not over-tighten the pinch bolt. The pinch bolt should be tightened until the shoe is snug on the router/spindle. Over-tightening the pinch bolt may damage the shoe which in turn could cause bodily harm or equipment damage. Discontinue use if the dust shoe becomes damaged.

The shoe is specific to a router/spindle. If yours is not in the selection list or you have questions, send e-mail to:

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The standard shoe is provided with a 3" brush ring and a 4" threaded hose connector. This page is used to order the standard shoe and NOT THE MINI shoe. Use the back button and select the MINI shoe if that is what you need. If your router/spindle is not in the list below, send an e-mail to


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