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Shapeoko 3xl
Fits perfectly in my S03xl. The quick detach lower half works perfectly with it's index points and magnetic SNAP. I got mine with 2" brushes. Couldn't ask for anything better. | 11/14/2017 2:38 PM
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I LOVE this - shark piranha
I’ve been using this for a week. I had to do a password reset to come back here to do a review, that’s how much I appreciate this product. I got the mini with the short brush skirt for a Piranha shark running a DWP611. That CNC is so small (12x12x3 work area) there isn’t a lot of room. My other dust shoe actually pushed the Z out of whack a bit. This is perfect. Doesn’t take up too much room to clamp on the spindle. I don’t have to move the spindle much to make room (short skirt is key on this machine). Doesn’t torque the gantry (may want to hang your hose). And a feature I didn’t know to look for - the acrylic means I can check on a job in progress. I’ve had almost no dust escape this thing. I’m so glad I shelled out for this. Cant recommend it enough. | 11/6/2020 2:07 AM
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Impressive product and service
I purchased the dust shoe at the same time as my Ooznest CNC. It has a great design, easy to use and super functional!  During one of my jobs, I ended up breaking the flange on the pvc portion of the dust shoe.  I put together a makeshift solution and reached out to Ooznest to see if I could order a replacement.  They don’t sell that specific part so they put me in touch with KentCNC.  Kent replied to my inquiry almost IMMEDIATELY and within the day, shipped off the part I needed… and at NO COST.  I’m impressed at how responsive and helpful this company is in solving even minor problems! | 3/27/2024 9:07 AM
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